Features or editorial pieces in magazines, newspapers and on online platforms are an ideal way to help raise the profile and trust in your brand with a target audience. As magazines and newspapers are targeted to specific demographics and are trusted by those groups of individuals, being featured in their trusted media will help gain credibility for your brand. This in turn can lead to increased sales. The key to gaining exposure is to think like a journalist. Decide what makes the story of your business unique. Then choose the best publication or blog to share this story with.

Repetitive exposure in magazines

Magazines have the advantage of having a long lifespan. This can lead to repetitive exposure as people look back over the magazine time and time again. You can also benefit from the possibility of pass on exposure as the magazine is often shared with friends, family and colleagues or situated in a communal area.

Tried and Tested

Features are a great way of explaining more complicated products. And allows the magazineโ€™s journalist to pass on their own opinion of using it. Moreover, a tried and tested review can be worth its weight in gold. Particularly if it is a new product or service that you are launching.

Consistent Messaging

Raising your profile in many different places helps to build your brand. It also puts you in front of a large number of relevant people. The secret is knowing that you need to be seen in all the right places, and you need to make a big impact. Pushing out a consistent message or story each time helps you achieve this. Make sure your communications are fully integrated. So, ensuring that your social media relates to the stories written about you in magazines and blogs. Therefore, if you create a newsletter this should share the same content too. This helps your message stand out from the crowd, it’s not just about making people aware of you; itโ€™s about the credibility you will gain by connecting with your audience via their trusted information source that makes editorial so powerful.

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