We all know that catching up with the evening news can often leave you feeling overwhelmed and disheartened. Whilst it is important to remain up to date, there are also many positives we can look to for inspiration.

Here are our top sources of good news:

The Good News Network is great for positive stories from around the world. A recent article reports that the ‘World’s Most Endangered Primate Population Triples After 17 Years of Careful Conservation’, climbing from 10 in 1930 to 30 in 2020 which is fantastic news for the rare Hanian Gibbons!

Another source of positive and factual features, Positive News, which includes a frequent spotlight on agriculture from around the world. There is a really interesting read which focuses on Fred Price, a farmer from Somerset, who has changed his farming practices to ‘Regenerative Agriculture’, which is a system of farming that prioritises soil health, helping to boost biodiversity as well as isolate carbon back into the ground.

The Uplifting Stories page on BBC News is constantly kept up to date with positive stories throughout the pandemic – check out the dancing grandmother who is fast becoming a TikTok star!

Elle UK has created a list with 75 good news stories (which should be plenty!), they range from a 92 year old who is teaching piano lessons via FaceTime to the Wagamama ‘Wok From Home’ free cooking series helping you get your fix whilst you can’t make the visit!

Granted it is vital to remain up to date with the global pandemic and the hardships many of us are experiencing but all is not lost and it is important to remember that when united, we as humankind are at our best and better days are coming.