If you didn’t already know, paid advertising on social media refers to posts on social media platforms that are supported by advertising budgets, as opposed to organic and free content. Paid social media is often used to increase followers, engagements, clicks and views. This is done by targeting audiences based on demographics, locations, interests and more.

Before we get to the do’s and the don’ts of paid social media, let’s look at the pros and cons…

The Pros and Cons of Paid Social Media

The pros of paid social media:

  • Reaches a higher audience
  • Focuses on increasing video views, links clicks, likes and comments
  • Helps you find new customers

The cons of paid social media:

  • Can be expensive
  • It can be competitive because paid promotion is very popular
  • It can result in your audience switching off due to the high frequency, or because they feel it is irrelevant

The Do’s and the Don’ts of Paid Social Media

✅Do – advertise on platforms where your content already does well organically

❌Don’t – advertise on all platforms – as this is an inefficient way to spend money

✅Do – make your ads actionable with clear messaging and a call-to-action

❌Don’t – ignore existing organic content that performs well, as this might do even better when boosted

✅Do – analyse your results often, as you may need to change your tactics

❌Don’t – make decisions without analysing your data

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