With lockdown coming upon us once again we thought a little light reading from JBP might bring a smile to your face.

It is difficult times that we are all dealing with but our aim must be to stay positive and put a smile on ourselves and colleagues faces. We have all been working from home – which has been a good exercise – and we have been able to keep our clients active with lots happening even though we are all lying low.

As well as this we have attended a few events, from a distance, managed some filming for a new launch as well as activating digital channels for a variety of clients. We need to be even more creative during these times so we have channelled our energies into new ideas and a variety of topics to keep audiences interested. Now with the onset of Winter it is important to keep on top of stories and opportunities and keep everyone motivated!

New location

As well as our day to day work we have also managed to move offices which is very exciting.  We are now located at the Bowden’s Farm Business Park, Somerset which is a lovely setting with beautiful views and a superb new office.  Sadly, due to the new restrictions, we won’t be able to make the most of our new location but hopefully we will all be back in December ready to move forwards and plan activity for 2021.

What a year it has been and lockdown is certainly something none of us had expected but it has been a great learning curve and demonstrated that even if we are not in the office we can manage and activate work which is of benefit to clients. Let’s just hope that we beat this COVID battle soon and look forward to a more positive 2021.