At JBP we produce a variety of social posts each day and work closely with a number of our clients to create and manage detailed social media content plans.

It is not uncommon for us to share over 15 posts a day, with each post running to a different schedule and individual clients requiring unique and creative content. To assist us, we use various programs to ensure it all runs smoothly.

Take a look below and find out what our top five online tools are.

  1. Canva

We love Canva! And it’s now available as an App. Canva is a graphic design platform that allows you to create social media graphics, presentations, posters and other engaging visual content. It has a wide variety of free images, templates, fonts and illustrations available allowing you to get creative.

  1. Hashtagie is a great website. It provides you with the tools to reach a wider audience. Its key function is to create hashtags which are relevant to your business. However, one of its best applications is the ‘Instagram Text Spacer’, which allows you to put your Instagram copy into paragraphs – something which the Instagram app doesn’t yet allow you to do. Therefore, you can produce captions which are easy to read.

  1. Bitly

Long URL links can make a post look untidy and when you only have use of 280 characters on Twitter, a long weblink can use up most of this. Bitly is primarily a URL shortening platform and is very simple to use. It is great for keeping your posts concise and neat looking.

  1. TweetDeck

The ability to schedule posts on Facebook is so handy and really helps when you have several posts going live on the same day. As Instagram is now owned by Facebook, you can also schedule your Facebook posts at the same time – for more on this, click . But through this function you are unable to schedule Twitter posts, this is where TweetDeck comes in! TweetDeck is a free and really simple website that helps you manage your twitter posts. Just remember to monitor your scheduled content and be aware of when it is due to be shared. This also means you can keep track of engagement and interaction.

If all else fails, pop an alarm on your phone to remind yourself when the post is due to go live. This is a particular favourite of my colleague April.

  1. Repost

Repost is such a useful app when it comes to re-sharing content from another page on Instagram. It is also quite simple to use and helpfully talks you through each step. We primarily use this app on our own Instagram account (@jb.promotions) as we love to share content from our clients pages and other really creative accounts.

If you would like any support in managing your social media channels, contact us today. We are creative and can add real value to any campaign.