We have recently been contracted by a client to take on the planning and buying of print and online advertising and it has opened up opportunities for us to work with various media in a different and more holistic way.

Very often as a PR agency we are seeking print and online editorial for our clients and in a time of change for our target media outlets, opportunities for this story-based coverage have become more limited.

Let’s take a look at how working across the marketing disciplines can increase the opportunities to communicate our clients’ key messages but can also add up to a campaign with more prospects to see and create more of those all-important touch points with customers.

  1. Know your editorial contacts as well as your commercial contacts: At JBP we invest time in building relationships with journalists and as a result, they trust us to make best use of their time and expertise. This inevitably helps when putting an entire campaign together and working with their colleagues on the sales side.
  2. Buying space: Sometimes the best place to start planning your marketing campaign is not necessarily with the sales team at a publication. We may approach an editor with an idea for a campaign which could have a more editorial look and feel and then add on advertising around that space in a targeted way. Advertorial is often the best approach if you have an ‘’educating” job to do or a more complex message.
  3. Limitations of print publications: We all know the value of being in print and many clients see that as the holy grail of places to be seen. Print certainly is still a powerful place to have your brand seen, however, it is worth considering that print coverage is not only limited by publication dates it can be less trackable and measurable.
  4. Making best use of digital/social: At the end of the day, everything we do for a client will be measured in some way. Taking advantage of the measurability of digital/social campaigns cannot be ignored. We are more and more driven by how we can measure campaigns for clients, but it doesn’t mean we ignore the power of print coverage. A mention in a certain weekly equestrian magazine can definitely still impress.
  5. Keeping an eye on trends: Staying ahead of the curve is crucial in this fast-moving environment. At JBP, we always keep a finger on the pulse of relevant trends and topics, ensuring your brand and campaign resonates with the audience.
  6. Internal Insight: Understanding the internal workings of a clients’ brand is vital to putting successful campaigns together. At JBP we like to work closely with our clients. Encouraging them to let us delve deep to grasp the story and identify with the brief.
  7. Media Outlet Alignment: Knowing all of our media outlets enables us to match the best media mix to a client brief. We like to push for the best possible outcome for a client campaign and will always recommend the best individual options.
  8. Print remains integral: However, it can be enhanced and built upon with digital additions to bring even more value to a campaign. Measurability is increasing with the use of QR codes, tracking links and other measurable content such as discount codes.

In conclusion a partnership with a PR agency should enhance the value of your campaigns. At JBP we have a track record in delivering mixed media campaigns with a range of paid for and editorial content across multiple media channels. Having said that, print visibility definitely remains a fundamental objective.