Well it is definitely time that we posted another blog for JBP as to say we have been busy is almost an understatement and we have just not had the time to write or share anything with you.  However, suffice to say that following recent ‘social media training’ at our offices it is important and key that we keep our audience updated with our activity so here we go!

We really are on countdown now to the big one – Badminton – and it is just a joy for us to support Mitsubishi Motors in the build-up and on event.   This is our third year of work with them and it just gets better and better and, of course, we love being at Badminton so ‘a team’ will be on event for the duration which is very exciting – but also exhausting!


And – immediately following Badminton, April and I are off to the ‘Dales’ which will be a joy – to work at the Dodson & Horrell Chatsworth International Horse Trials.  A more beautiful location I don’t think you could find and the team at Chatsworth are a joy to work with so it will be a busy but fun filled few days – we hope – and if everything goes according to plan.

We spent last weekend at the Dressage Championships at Hartpury which was interesting and it is so good for us to ‘span the sports’ from racing to dressage to eventing to – you name it – so never a dull moment for the team in the office.

Feature articles, ambassador days out, several Masterclasses have all been on the schedule and we are never quite sure what the next week will hold which makes life very interesting and hopefully never dull.  It also keeps us on our toes regarding what we are trying to achieve for our clients which, at the end of the day, is more awareness in an ever changing industry but ensuring that in their different sectors they are the number one – let’s hope we are achieving that.

As well as attending various events we always keep a watchful eye on the trends in the marketplace and try and ensure that we are ‘one step ahead’.  Social media is an ever changing sphere and one that is extremely important to our industry so we have taken a ‘step out’ and had some serious team training on the ‘whys and where fours’ of social media which we know will be beneficial to our audience – and more importantly to our clients.

The team in the office are really on a high – buzzing with activity, working brilliantly together and a great atmosphere – although busy but you could not ask for a better atmosphere with everyone supporting each other on their different accounts and just trying to make sure that we leave no stone unturned for both our clients and JBP.

Socially we have had various birthdays, we have, when time allows, been out competing and Kim even travelled to Arena UK for the Riding Club Championships so quite a feat.  April started her eventing campaign this weekend at Bicton a successful run – what a start to the event season it has been but may the sun keep shining now and everyone has a great season.

So to close – Badminton is almost here – and who will win that prestigious trophy – we will be there for the duration watching and hoping that all horse and rider combinations in both the Mitsubishi Motors Cup and the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials have a successful and enjoyable week of competition – and congratulations to the worthy winners.

My thanks to the team – April, Charlotte, Pippa, Kim, Niamh and Tina – without whom none of this would be possible – they are magic – so no more to say.  You will hear from us again soon – I hope – and may the sun continue to shine!